Mazda MX-5 NA8CE, project internal ref. “HAYATE”. 

 162cv @ 6600 rpm    /    195nm @ 4600

Naturally aspirated engine, Maruha cams, 4x 42mm individual throttle bodies silenced in a plenum (passenger side). The plenum function also as an irbox, with filtering element beneath it and direct air intake from driver side bumper intake port. Oil filter relocation and oil cooler in passenger side bumper intake port. Upgraded aluminum radiator and cnc machined billet reroute kit. Exhaust headers from racing beat (4-1). Alternator mirrored on the driver side with expansion tank for packaging reasons (plenum volume). Engine tuned on ME442 ECU. Flywheel from maruha motors. Engine as much as possible OEM look on customer request.

Full custom digital dashboard, based on customer hand drawing, with custom made body ecu for signal management and networking with engine ECU. Double digital display with always displayed fuel, engine oil temp, engine oil psi, water temp and gearbox temp. On request from right display all engine ECU data (for example AFR, TPS, MAP, knock event ecc..)

Assetto su andreani ohlins, biellette regolabili antirollio e  barre di rinforzo inferiori e briglia di sostegno sviluppata ad hoc per 5M mazda.